Rand Paul, MD, US Senator (R-KY), stated the following as quoted in a June 22, 2017 article by Matt Laslo titled "Medical Marijuana: How Six Senators Are Leading Fight for Federally Legal Weed," published in Rolling Stone:

“I think we shouldn’t restrict research into any drugs looking for a potential health benefit. I think right now with marijuana being Schedule I, it’s very hard to do research. So one of the good aspects is changing to Schedule II so we can actually do more research on what might help people.

You know we have a lot of terminal patients who want the right to try certain medications. We also have a lot of patients who may not necessarily be terminal but are very sick and may have an incurable disease, and they do get some benefit from marijuana. People with nausea, people with wasting [syndrome], people with seizures. The bottom line is… it’s kind of crazy that OxyContin is Schedule II and marijuana is Schedule I. That doesn’t make any sense.”

June 22, 2017