Mary Haag, RN, President & CEO of PreventionFIRST!, stated the following in an interview with reporter Todd Dykes, published in a Feb. 19, 2016 article titled "Should Fate of Medical Marijuana in Ohio Be Left in Hands of Lawmakers, Voters?," available at

“We can’t really call marijuana medicine. It’s not a legitimate medicine. The brain is not fully developed until we’re about 25. That’s just the way it is, and using any kind of mind-altering substance impacts that development. It needs to go through the FDA process. There is no drug that can or should be smoked, but when we get to potential components of marijuana that might have medicinal benefits, then let’s find out what that is. Most of our medicines have come from plants.

They’re plant-based, but they’ve gone through that rigorous process. Because, let’s face it, any medicine is a toxin. I don’t care if it’s penicillin or aspirin or a narcotic. Any of those are toxins to our bodies. And that’s why we have the FDA process.”

Feb. 19, 2016