The American Nurses Association (ANA) wrote the following in its 2016 position statement titled "Therapeutic Use of Marijuana and Related Cannabinoids," available on the ANA website:

“The purpose of this statement is to reiterate the American Nurses Association’s (ANA) support for the review and reclassification of marijuana’s status from a federal Schedule I controlled substances to facilitate urgently needed clinical research to inform patients and providers on the efficacy of marijuana and related cannabinoids…

ANA has supported providing safe access to therapeutic marijuana and related cannabinoids for over 20 years… In addition, the ANA House of Delegates has gone on record as supporting nurses’ advocacy for patients using marijuana and other related cannabinoids for therapeutic use.”

[Editor’s Note: Prior to the above Pro statement, the ANA expressed the below Pro position in its Mar. 19, 2004 “Position Statement: Providing Patients Safe Access to Therapeutic Marijuana/Cannabis,” available on the ANA website.] 2016