Peter A. Clark, PhD, John McShain Chair in Ethics at Saint Joseph's University, wrote the following in his afterword for the Apr. 2003 book Jeffrey's Journey by Debbie and LaRayne Jeffries, in which giving medical marijuana to an 8-year old is discussed (read more):

“The issue in this case is whether or not it is legal and ethical for a parent/surrogate to give consent for a minor to use medical marijuana, which the federal government maintains is unproven in terms of safety and efficacy and could be a ‘gateway drug’ that leads to more serious drug use…

Seriously ill patients, both adults and minors, have the right to effective therapies. To deny them access to such therapies is to deny them the dignity and respect all persons deserve. [The child’s] mother is certainly acting in his best interest.

The benefits of the current treatment outweigh the burdens. No other medication or therapy has been as effective as the use of medical marijuana in relieving his pain and suffering.”

Apr. 2003