Daniel Clauw, MD, Director of the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center at the University of Michigan, stated the following in his June 23, 2016 article titled "Why U.S. Doctors Love Opioids and Hate Marijuana for Chronic Pain," published on the University of Michigan Health Lab blog:

“Although the lay public has moved rapidly toward accepting cannabis decriminalization or legalization, the medical community does not generally share this enthusiasm for cannabinoids… Even if we could prescribe cannabis, we have no idea what strength or dose to use, or which route of administration is most effective…

[N]either opioids nor cannabinoids should be used as first-, second- or third-line therapies for pain, as there are almost always many much more effective and safer drug and nondrug therapies. We can and should do better for our patients.”

June 23, 2016