The US DEA told the following in a Jan. 2, 2002 email regarding the legalization of medical marijuana:

“The campaign to legalize medical marijuana is a tactical maneuver in an overall strategy to completely legalize all drugs. Pro-legalization groups have transformed the debate from decriminalizing drug use to one of compassion and care for people with serious diseases. In spite of this effort, the leaders of these groups continue to reveal their true intent in public dialogue.

The New York Times interviewed Ethan Nadelman, Director of the Lindesmith Center, in January 2000. Responding to criticism from former ONDCP Director Barry McCaffrey that the medical marijuana issue is a stalking-horse for drug legalization, Mr. Nadelman did not contradict General McCaffrey. ‘Will it help lead toward marijuana legalization?’ Mr. Nadelman said: ‘I hope so.’

Medical use arguments garner public support because they appear harmless and play on the sympathies of the American public. In truth, these issues are peripheral to a greater subversion and provide an entry into the legalization debate.”

Jan. 2, 2002