The Detroit Free Press published a Jan. 13, 2004 editorial by Kathleen Altman (Prevention Coordinator, Oakland County Health Division -Office of Substance Abuse Services), Dana Gire (Prevention Coordinator, Macomb County Office of Substance Abuse), Andre Johnson (Program Manager, Partnership for a Drug-Free Detroit) and Theresa Webster (Prevention Administrator, Southeast Michigan Community Alliance) which stated:

“Montel Williams’ endorsement of so-called medical marijuana is disturbing when you consider the fact that less than a year ago he hosted a locally produced special and public service announcement about the dangers of crystal meth and other drugs.

The well-funded drug-legalization movement, armed with advertising and public relations experts, continues to manipulate the media through a smoke screen of compassionate use for people with diseases such as MS, cancer and AIDS.

Scientific studies show the opposite to be true. Unfortunately, many people suffering with these illnesses are being unfairly used by groups whose real agenda is to legalize marijuana.”

Jan. 13, 2004