The Eagle Forum, a conservative advocacy organization, stated in its online brochure "Facts You Need to Know About ... Marijuana" (accessed Jan. 2, 2007):

“Very little of the THC absorbed into the blood of the lungs reaches the brain at the time of the ‘high.’ … When pot is smoked regularly, a large supply of THC accumulates in the fat. This produces a high steady level of THC in the blood, which causes continual sedation. The brain is numbed. The mind is in a fog. …

Their minds become so confused that many are caught in a life of drug abuse. It is difficult to escape, because regular pot smokers must quit pot for over a month before they can think clearly again.

Since THC is continually in the body, the ‘high’ from pot gradually diminishes, and so pot smokers usually take other drugs to get a kick. Nevertheless, they continue to smoke pot as they use the other drugs, because they think pot makes them ‘feel good all the time.’ Most pot smokers drink alcohol heavily, and many become so confused that they take cocaine or heroin.”

Jan. 2, 2007