The Eagle Forum noted in its online brochure "Facts You Need To Know About Marijuana," (accessed Mar. 2, 2006):

“Marijuana is highly deceptive … Very little of the THC absorbed into the blood of the lungs reaches the brain at the time of the ‘high.’ Consequently THC appears to be mild even though it is extremely potent.

When pot is smoked regularly, a large supply of THC accumulates in the fat. This produces a high steady level to THC in the blood, which causes continual sedation. The brain is numbed. The mind is in a fog…

Because pot operates so slowly, its damage is often attributed to other drugs the pot smokers use. Nevertheless, medical evidence has proven that marijuana is highly dangerous in and of itself. It seriously harms the brain, the chromosomes, the sex and reproductive organs, the hormones, the lungs, and the immune system.”

Mar. 2, 2006