Benedikt Fischer, PhD, Director of the Illicit Drugs, Public Health and Policy Unit at the Centre for Addictions Research at the University of Victoria, and Jens Reimer, MD, a Research Psychiatrist at the Center for Interdisciplinary Addiction Research at the University of Hamburg, et al., stated in their Oct. 2006 article "Treatment for Hepatitis C Virus and Cannabis Use in Illicit Drug User Patients: Implications and Questions," published in the European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology:

“In fact, there is substantial evidence that cannabis use may help address key challenges faced by drug users in HCV treatment (e.g., nausea, depression), especially when such treatment occurs in the context of methadone maintenance treatment which may amplify these consequences.

While further research is required on the biological and clinical aspects of the benefits of cannabis use for HCV treatment, and the effectiveness of cannabis use for HCV treatment needs to be explored in larger study populations, we advocate that in the interim existing barriers to cannabis use are removed for drug users undergoing HCV treatment until the conclusive empirical basis for evidence-based guidance is available.”

Oct. 2006