Joseph Garbely, DO, Medical Director at Caron Treatment Centers, wrote in an Apr. 20, 2018 press release titled "Marijuana Is Not a Band-Aid for the Opioid Crisis, Warns Caron Treatment Centers," available at

“We should be focusing on proven addiction treatment methods that we know work and have been studied extensively, not bringing in another substance that has known and documented addictive qualities and little to no research on its use and efficacy as a medical treatment.

There are no adequate studies showing marijuana is effective for general medical use, let alone to treat opioid addiction—a chronic and fatal disease that requires tested and proven lifesaving treatment. While some studies have been conducted on the use of marijuana for certain conditions, it hasn’t undergone anything close to the rigorous screening needed for FDA approval. In fact, as a whole, it appears that the medical marijuana industry has side-stepped FDA clearance.”

Apr. 20, 2018