Scott Gavura, MBA, registered pharmacist and Director of Provincial Drug Reimbursement Programs at Cancer Care Ontario, stated the following in his Jan. 11, 2018 article titled "Medical Marijuana: Where Is the Evidence?," published at

“The use of psychoactive drugs like marijuana is a health issue, particularly when used for medical purposes. Regrettably, there is a lack of high-quality data that shows marijuana for most medical purposes is both safe and effective. What little evidence exists is of poor quality and may not even be representative of the purposes for which medical marijuana is sought. There are significant gaps in information necessary to treat marijuana like other forms of medicine: Dosage standardization and overall quality control may not be in place…

If marijuana is to be treated as medicine, then it needs to meet the same standards of quality, effectiveness, and safety we would expect of any other prescription drug. That standard has not yet been met.”

Jan. 11, 2018