Teresa Iuvone, PhD, Professor of Experimental Pharmacology at the University of Naples Federico II, et al., wrote in their Feb. 13, 2009 paper "Cannabidiol: a Promising Drug for Neurodegenerative Disorders," in CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics:

“The great therapeutic value of CBD, either given alone or in association with THC, derives from the consideration that it represents a rare, if not unique, compound that is capable of affording neuroprotection by the combination of different types of properties (e.g., anti-glutamatergic effects, anti-inflammatory action, and anti-oxidant effects) that almost cover all spectra of neurotoxic mechanisms that operate in neurodegenerative disorders (excitotoxicity, inflammatory events, oxidative injury, etc.).

The reported data here, taken together with the evidence of the CBD’s almost absolute absence of side effects, including psychotropicity, suggest its great efficacy and open new horizons for the treatment of the main neurodegenerative disorders!”

Feb. 13, 2009