Allan N. Schwartz, PhD, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychoanalyst, stated the following in a Nov. 1, 2008 article titled "Marijuana Makes It Worse: Severe Mental Illnesses," posted online at

“I have directly witnessed the tragedy of patients going off of their medications for Bipolar Disorder, using marijuana and ending up re-hospitalized in worse shape than any time prior to the relapse. In fact, it has been my experience that many of these unfortunate patients experienced multiple relapses and were caught in an endless cycle of hospitalizations marked by periods of instability in between…

It has been my experience with the patients I knew who suffered from severe bipolar disorder and with those who fell into the Schizoaffective domain, that they were not helped by marijuana and were made much worse through its use.

Leaving aside anxiety, those who experience severe depression and who use marijuana end up feeling much more depressed, at least that is what I have witnessed.”

Nov. 1, 2008