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American Alliance For Medical Cannabis Biography

Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“Anyone with common sense and an ability to read knows that cannabis is the most innocuous of the “abusable” drugs. Despite the demonstrated fact that cannabis causes virtually no societal or medical problems of note compared with tobacco, alcohol, hard drugs, and prescription medicines, it remains a banned drug even when it is used compassionately to provide relief to those sick and dying with cancer, AIDS, MS, and a host of chronic medical conditions. Cannabis remains banned as a medicine even though the DEA itself has commissioned studies that prove efficacy and a DEA Administrative Law Judge has ruled that Cannabis is improperly scheduled.”

Feb. 15, 2002


“AAMC represents a fellowship of Health Professionals, patients, educators, clergy, caregivers, and community members. Included in AAMC membership are experts in the field of cannabis medicine including clinical applications, cultivation, history, and medical preparations.”


“The Primary Mission of AAMC is patient advocacy, patient rights, and support. Additional aspects of the AAMC Mission include clinical research and educating decision makers.”

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