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Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Biography

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“The history of Arkansas’ newspaper, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, begins in the wilderness at Arkansas Post.

At a clearing in those dense woods the Arkansas Gazette was born in 1819, at a simple frontier time when Arkansas was still a young territory, not yet a state.

Half a century later the Arkansas Democrat came into being, born of the turbulent politics of the defeated, war-ruined South.

Together they dominated the newspaper landscape of Arkansas for more than a century. Today they survive and thrive as one — the oldest continuously published newspaper west of the Mississippi.”

“History of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,” Arkansas Online website (accessed Sep. 13, 2007)


“As Arkansas’ newspaper looks ahead to its third century, the Democrat-Gazette aims to continue building, in the great tradition of its predecessors, a fair, thorough, and courageous newspaper of which all Arkansans can be proud.”

“History of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,” Arkansas Online website (accessed Sep. 13, 2007)

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