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Canadian Medical Association Biography

Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“We urge you (Canadian Minister of Health) to make regulatory amendments that would make marijuana available to a select group of patients in a controlled, safe and monitored way for compassionate reasons.”

Open Letter to The Honourable Allan Rock, PC, MP, Minister of Health, signed by Henry Haddad, MD, President of the Canadian Medical Association, Nov. 8, 2001


“The Canadian Medical Association is a national, voluntary association of physicians that advocates on behalf of its members and the public for access to high quality health care, and provides leadership and guidance to physicians.”

“About Us,” Canadian Medical Association website (accessed Sep. 4, 2007)


“To serve and unite the physicians of Canada and be the national advocate, in partnership with the people of Canada, for the highest standards of health and health care.”

“CMA Mission Statement,” Canadian Medical Association website (accessed Sep. 4, 2007)

Canadian national, voluntary association