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Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“Obviously smoking marijuana is not risk-free especially to respiratory organs and tissue.

However, compared to the risks of a typical chemotherapy agent such as cytoxan which includes: urinary bladder, myeloproliferative, or lymphoproliferative malignancies, potential sterility, urinary system hemorrhagic cystitis, hematuria, cardiac toxicity, anaphylactic reactions, significant suppression of immune responses, and sometimes fatal, infections; the risks of marijuana pale in comparison.

And for cancer patients with advanced cancers who want to improve the quality of their life, a risk versus benefit analysis weighs heavily on the benefit side.”

“Cancer Monthly” newsletter, May 2006


“Cancer Monthly is one of the fastest growing healthcare websites on the internet…

Cancer Monthly was founded by volunteers whose lives were forever changed by cancer. When we needed treatment results, they were not available to us. Three years of time and considerable resources were invested so that Cancer Monthly would become a reality and that treatment result information would be available to other patients. While there are many sites that provide treatment options, this is the only resource that summarizes and reports on the actual results of these therapies.”

“About Cancer Monthly,” Cancer Monthly website (accessed May 18, 2006)


“The purpose of Cancer Monthly is to help cancer patients get the facts about the results of cancer treatments – both the successes and the failures so that they can have productive discussions with their doctors.”

“Frequently Asked Questions,” Cancer Monthly website (accessed May 15, 2008)

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