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Carl Ruck, PhD Biography

Professor of Classical Studies at Boston University
Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“Ancient people were fascinated by herbs and their healing powers and knew much more about them than we do; at least about mixing herbs to release their potency.

Ancient wines were always fortified, like the ‘strong wine’ of the Old Testament, with herbal additives: opium, datura, belladonna, mandrake and henbane. Common incenses, such as myrrh, ambergris and frankincense are psychotropic; the easy availability and long tradition of cannabis use would have seen it included in the mixtures. Modern medicine has looked into using cannabis as a pain reliever and in treating multiple sclerosis. It may well be that ancient people knew, or believed, that cannabis had healing power.

Much of their knowledge, passed down through an oral tradition, has been lost and to some extent it is the modern prejudice against drugs that has stopped us looking for it…”

“Was There a Whiff of Cannabis About Jesus?” The Sunday Times, Jan. 12, 2003

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  • Professor, Classical Studies, Boston University, 1966-present
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  • PhD, Harvard University, 1965
  • MA, University of Michigan, 1959
  • BA, Yale University, 1955
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  • Born Dec. 8, 1935 in Bridgeport, CT