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Chelsea Shover, PhD Biography

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Psychiatry at Stanford University
Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“There are valid reasons to pursue medical cannabis policies, but this [lowering opioid deaths] doesn’t seem to be one of them. I urge researchers and policymakers to focus on other ways to reduce mortality due to opioid overdoses.”

“Medical Marijuana Does Not Reduce Opioid Deaths,”, June 10, 2019

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Psychiatry, July 2018-present
  • Teaching Assistant/Associate, Stanford University, 2016-present
  • Epidemiology Assistant, Los Angeles LGBT Center, Aug. 2015-Sep. 2018
  • Recipient, New Investigator Scholarship, Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, 2018
  • Staff Epidemiologist, Santa Barbara County Public Health Department, June-Oct. 2015
  • Recipient, Edward Eager Memorial Fund Prize, Harvard College, 2011
  • United States Presidential Scholar, US Department of Education, 2007
  • PhD, Epidemiology, University of California at Los Angeles, 2018
  • AB, English, Harvard University, 2011
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