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David J. Brown, MS Biography

Author and researcher
Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“As the U.S. federal government once again announces its misguided plans to crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries in California, the sunny, frontier city of Santa Cruz plans to celebrate the controversial medicinal herb in all its glory for the ninth year…

[W]e strongly support the right to use medical marijuana as part of our healthcare system here.”

“Santa Cruz Celebrates Medical Marijuana for Ninth Year,”, Oct. 16, 2011

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Author and researcher
  • Guest Editor, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies Bulletin
  • Column author, “Catch the Buzz,”
  • Recipient, “Best Writer” award, Good Times, 2011
  • Runs the website Mavericks of the Mind,
  • MS, Psychobiology, New York University (NYU), 1986
  • BA, Psychology, University of Southern California (USC), 1983
  • Has been published in numerous magazines, including Wired, Discover, and Scientific American
  • His interviews have been translated into Japanese, Italian, and Czechoslovakian.