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Dennis Joseph Pfennig, PhD Biography

President of Fairfax County Retired Educators
Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“Yes, marijuana should be a medical option. Over thirty years ago a number of scientific studies concluded that smoking marijuana reduces both nausea and pain in patients being administered chemotherapy to combat cancer. Current federal legalization denies doctors the ability to prescribe marijuana to improve the quality of life of patients. This is wrong. The laws should be changed.”

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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Secretary, Retired Board of Directors, Fairfax Education Association, 2011-present; President, 2009-2010; Vice President, 2005-2009; President, 2002-2005
  • President, Fairfax County Retired Educators, 2010-present; President-Elect, 2009-2010; President, 2008-2009; President-Elect, 2007-2008; Treasurer, 2006-2007
  • President, Retirement Housing Corporation, Fairfax Education Association, 2004-present; Vice President, 1997-2003
  • President, Board of Directors, Springfield Village Homeowners Association, 2002-present
  • Member, Retired Council, Virginia Education Association, 2004-2011
  • Judge, All-USA High School Academic Team, USA Today, Apr. 2004
  • Member, Advisory Social Services Board, Fairfax County, VA, 2001-2003
  • Member, Board of Supervisors’ Sign Task Force Ad Hoc Committee, Fairfax County, VA, 2001-2002
  • Chair, Social Studies Department, Hayfield Secondary School, Fairfax County, VA, 1981-2000
  • Social Studies Teacher, Hayfield Secondary School, 1970-2000
  • Teaching Assistant, University of Georgia, 1973-1974
  • Social Studies Teacher, Wantagh High School, Long Island, NY, 1967-1968
  • Social Studies Teacher, McClancy High School, NY, 1963-1967
  • PhD, American History, University of Georgia, 1975
  • MA, Russian History, Niagara University, 1963
  • BA, cum laude, History, St. John’s University, 1962
  • Recipient of the Rotary Grant for a Study of the American Presidency from the Close-Up Foundation, 1991
  • Recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Governor’s School for the Humanities in Virginia, 1990
  • Voted Outstanding Teacher / Historian in the Fairfax County Public School District, 1988
  • Recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant, 1985
  • Recipient of a Fulbright Grant, 1982
  • Recipient of the Lacour-Gayet Medal of History from St. John’s University, 1962