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Diana L. Sylvestre, MD Biography

Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco
Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“[M]odest cannabis use may offer symptomatic and virological benefit to some patients undergoing HCV treatment by helping them maintain adherence to the challenging medication regimen.”

European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Oct. 2006

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Physicians [Physicians are the "key experts" in the medical marijuana debate because the issue is thought by many to be ultimately based on the medical value and risks of marijuana, and Physicians, with their training and clinical work, should (at least in theory) have the best knowledge of marijuana's medical value and risks.] [Note: Key Experts definition varies by sites that have this designation.]
Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
  • Founder/Executive Director and Principal Investigator, Organization to Achieve Solutions in Substance Abuse (OASIS), 1998-present
  • Volunteer Associate Physician, Berkeley Free Clinic
  • Medical Advisory Board, American Liver Foundation
  • Member, Hepatitis Advisory Council, Hepatitis Foundation International
  • Liaison Officer of the American Society of Addiction Medicine to the American Medical Association Women Physicians Congress
  • Medical Director, Xanthos, Inc., a nonprofit organization providing social service and substance abuse treatment
  • Member, American Society of Addiction Medicine
  • Member, California Society of Addiction Medicine
  • Member, American Medical Association
  • MD, Harvard Medical School
  • BS, University of Florida
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