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Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“Today, millions of Americans suffer from medical conditions that can be alleviated by marijuana. Doctors have witnessed that smoking marijuana, among other things, promotes weight gain for AIDS patients and reduces vomiting for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

The side effects of marijuana pale beside those of other drugs commonly prescribed by doctors in the US. The standard drugs used in chemotherapy cause deafness, kidney failure and cancer; those used to treat nausea can cause ulcers, secondary infections and psychosis; the eye drops and pills used to treat glaucoma can cause depression, heart failure, numbness and kidney stones; and the medications commonly given to paraplegics can cause kidney failure, hepatitis and seizures…

Fortunately, the sick people who need marijuana are not alone in their struggle. In the last few years, cancer and AIDS doctors have begun to speak out, asserting a physician’s right to prescribe any drug that might work. Last spring, the Lymphoma Foundation and the Physicians Association for AIDS Care joined a lawsuit on behalf of medical marijuana. The 1,000 members of PAAC, which is based in Chicago, treat nearly 250,000 people with HIV, so they have firsthand experience with marijuana as a treatment for wasting syndrome.”

“Marinol: The Little Synthetic That Couldn’t,” High Times, July 1994

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