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Eureka Times-Standard Biography

Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“Medical pot patients should exercise their rights with common sense and discretion.

In general, we support the concept of the new proposed guidelines. We believe they could pave the way for less law-enforcement time and tax money spent on petty offenses, and much more emphasis on more pressing community problems.

Those include methamphetamines use and production, domestic abuse and other violence in the community, particularly shootings.”

Feb. 8, 2003


“[T]he Times-Standard — the North Coast’s daily newspaper — has survived and thrived for more than a century and a half…

The first Humboldt Times was published in September 1854 in Humboldt County…

The Humboldt Standard was first printed in April 1875, a time of growth and economic vitality for a region tapping heavily into the abundant timber and fishing resources….

The two papers were merged on June 1, 1967.”

“About Us,” Times-Standard website (accessed Aug. 30, 2007)


“The symbiosis between the American newspaper and its readership — each dependent on the other — was implied in our Constitution, which upholds free speech above all others in the Bill of Rights.

We’ll stay true to that spirit by printing news, sports, entertainment, features and a myriad other offerings each day, as well as a range of letters and comment representing the political and philosophical gamut, and even the views of those who don’t always agree with us.”

“About Us,” Times-Standard website (accessed Aug. 30, 2007)

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