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Gay and Lesbian Medical Association Biography

Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

Signed the Mar. 6, 2002 Coalition For Compassionate Access letter to President George Bush asking him to “allow people with AIDS, cancer, and other serious illnesses to use medical marijuana if they have the approval of their physician,” which was placed in a full-page ad in the New York Times on Mar. 6, 2002.


“GLMA [Gay and Lesbian Medical Association] is based in San Francisco. The organization was founded in 1981 there as the Association of Physicians For Human Rights (AAPHR), as a spin-off of Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights (BAPHR). In 1999, the organization ‘came out’ and changed its name to the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association.”

“FAQs About GLMA,” GLMA website (accessed Sep. 20, 2007)


“GLMA is the leading organization in North America working to ensure that LGBT people are treated competently and not discriminated against when they access health care. GLMA also works to ensure that LGBT healthcare providers do not experience discrimination in their training and at work.”

“FAQs About GLMA,” GLMA website (accessed Sep. 20, 2007)

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