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Golden State Collective (GSC) Cannabis Laboratories Biography

Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“It is hard to make informed decisions about medical cannabis because the right to scientifically study cannabis use is not fully granted by the federal government. This blocks an important source of government scientific funding to cannabis that is typically reserved for medical research…

This issue dodges the moral question behind medical cannabis, which GSC Cannabis Lab is not interested in answering, and faces the more practical concerns behind understanding the medicine we use as a society: if more and more Americans are using medical cannabis, then America should allocate more resources to understanding it…

GSC Cannabis Lab is a part of a movement within the industry to bring empirical science back into the equation. We are not advocating medical cannabis by pushing its research. We are instead providing a source of information to help Americans decide what is good for them.”

“The Medical Research We Need, Now More Than Ever,”, Dec. 13, 2011


“GSC Cannabis Laboratories provides medical marijuana testing services throughout California… We test for THC potency, harmful pesticides and microbiological contaminates like molds, spores and bacteria.”

“Homepage,” (accessed June 11, 2012)


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