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Jeffrey Hergenrather, MD Biography

President of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians
Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“The range of conditions that patients are treating successfully with cannabis is extremely wide; and patients get relief with the use of cannabis that they cannot achieve with any other pharmaceuticals…

From many people with cancer and AIDS come reports that cannabis has saved their lives by giving them an appetite, the ability to keep down their medications, and mental ease. No other drug works like cannabis to reduce or eliminate pain without significant adverse effects…

In my opinion, there is no better drug for the treatment of anxiety disorders, brain trauma and post concussion syndrome, ADD and ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are stabilized, usually with comfort and weight gain, while most are able to avoid use of steroids and other potent immunomodulator drugs…

Many patients with multiple sclerosis report that their condition has not worsened for many years while they have been using cannabis regularly. MS and other neurodegenerative diseases share the common benefits of reduced pain and muscle spasms, improved appetite, improved mood and fewer incontinence problems. Many patients with epilepsy are adequately treated with or without the use of other anticonvulsants…

Is there a downside to the use of cannabis? The sense of intoxication rarely lasts longer than an hour and tends to be more troubling to the novice than to the experienced user. For some people cannabis can induce dry mouth, red eyes, unsteady gait, mild in-coordination, and short-term memory loss, all of which are transient. These effects are reportedly trivial compared to those brought on by pharmaceutical alternatives.”

“What Have California Doctors Learned About Cannabis?” by Fred Gardner, CounterPunch, Oct. 23, 2006

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  • President of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians
  • Cannabis Consultation Physician, 1999-present
  • Vice President/Secretary, American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine (AACM)
  • Member, International Cannabinoid Research Society
  • Former Family Practitioner
  • MD, Brown University, 1975
  • Located in Sebastopol, CA
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