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Kevin Feeney, JD Biography

Editor and publisher of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Law Reporter
Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“The DEA continues to argue that medical marijuana exists, and that it is called Marinol. What the DEA doesn’t understand is that the different methods of delivery alter the therapeutic value of the drug, and that marijuana contains other beneficial compounds besides THC, the main component of Marinol…

First and foremost, one of the strongest therapeutic values of marijuana is its use as an anti-nausea agent… By inhaling the medicine, as is done with medical marijuana, the medicine becomes effective instantly and cannot be rejected by the body during the time it takes to be processed orally because it does not have to pass through the patient’s stomach…

Fortunately, studies are being conducted with a different form of inhalation which significantly diminishes the amount of toxins delivered into the lungs.”

“Smoke without Fire,” Oregon Medical Marijuana Law Reporter, Summer 2004

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