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Laurence O. McKinney, MBA Biography

Managing Partner of McKinney & Company
Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“Yes, it should be an option. Cannabis has been used for millenia to potentiate other drugs, relax spasms, assist in meditative practices, and amplify sensation. A modern Ayurvedic text devotes fourteen pages to cannabis as a major medical plant with directions for use. Sri Lankans use cannabis based churnas every day.

Marijuana should be available to adults for medical purposes if for no other reason than it is harmless, often helpful, and this would initiate control, rather than eradication, of a useful medical plant. That being said, incinerating or heating a vegetable to obtain THC along with whatever comes along and inhaling all sorts of junk to get it is hardly scientific. But still, what’s the beef? Nobody’s being harmed and many are helped.

However, since use will be idiosyncratic, to lessen the variables we should use a cloned species, grown under controlled conditions and tweaked for stable cannabinoid concentrations as well as pleasing aroma and taste. If medical marijuana is clean, inspected, sterile and dose-controlled, we will have superior self-titration, quicker plasma concentrations, and easily self-controlled administration. Locally regulated growing and processing of this medicinal plant could then provide for all local legitimate requirements.”

Written in an email correspondence with, Sep. 18, 2007

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Managing Partner, McKinney & Company, 1978-present
  • President, First Website Company, LLC, 1996-present
  • Member, ICRS International Cannabis Research Society
  • President, Cambridge Pharmaceutical Laboratories, 1985 -1994
  • Vice President, Professional Learning Corporation, 1982-1985
  • President, First Watersign Corporation, 1978-1980
  • President, University Antiquaries, 1974-1978
  • President, The Creative Learning Group, 1970-1974
  • Surf City Systems Inc., 1964-1968
  • Director (1981-1988), President (1988-present), American Institute for Mindfulness
  • Recipient, 1st Prize, writing, 2nd Prize, painting, Quincy Arts Festival
  • Recipient, City of Birmingham (Alabama) Honors: Key to the City Narcotic Enforcement Officers, Certificate of Appreciation
  • Recipient, Honorary Lifetime Membership, Harvard Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, Arthur Young Services
  • Holds patent for “Method and Apparatus for Treatment of Plant Materials” Controlled decarboxylation for solvent extraction of pharmaceutical cannabinoids. Development partner: Perdue Pharma
  • Attended Harvard Divinity School for graduate work in New Testament, world religions, 1976-1977
  • MBA, Harvard Business School, 1969
  • Attended University of North Carolina, Greensborogh for graduate work in Fine Arts (writing), 1966-1967
  • BA, cum laude, English and Psychology, Harvard University, 1966
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