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Lymphoma Foundation of America Biography

Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“Be it resolved that this organization urges Congress and the President to enact legislation to reschedule marijuana to allow doctors to prescribe smokable marijuana to patients in need; and, Be it further resolved that this organization urges the US Public Health Service to allow limited access to medicinal marijuana by promptly reopening the Investigational New Drug compassionate access program to new applicants.”

Jan. 20, 1997


“Lymphoma Foundation of America is an independent, nonprofit charitable organization. Our work is supported entirely by donations and gifts from individuals. We do not accept drug company or industry funding.

We are dedicated to helping you find the best care available for your type of lymphoma. We offer support, experience, advice, and a helping hand. All programs and services are free.”

“Homepage,” (accessed Sep. 5, 2007)


“We advocate your right to know the truth about the risks and benefits of cancer treatments – whether standard, experimental, or alternative.”

“Homepage,” (accessed Sep. 5, 2007)

Nonprofit 501(c)(3)
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