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Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“We feel that it is important to provide a comprehensive and up to date resource so that all Canadians have access to a readily available source of medical marihuana.” website (accessed Nov. 7, 2006)


“Now that marihuana is legal for medical purposes for all Canadians to help alleviate the pain and suffering from illness, we understand that people who wish to try medical marihuana want a process that is as user-friendly as possible to obtain medical marihuana. This site helps to fulfill those needs.” website (accessed Nov. 7, 2006)


“We built this website because it seemed difficult to find a well presented and informative website about the process of applying for medical cannabis use in Canada. We’re here to provide information to those who are interested in trying marijuana for medical purposes.” website (accessed Nov. 7, 2006)

Website resource for Canadian medical marijuana patients, run by licensed medical marijuana providers