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“If you’re interested in trying medical marijuana for your glaucoma, you’re in very good company. Glaucoma is among the most common medical conditions treated with medicinal marijuana. There is no cure for glaucoma, but with your ophthalmologist’s guidance, you can combine medical marijuana with traditional glaucoma drugs to create an effective treatment plan to delay or avoid surgical intervention.”

“Glaucoma,” Medicine in Bloom website (accessed Apr. 7, 2014)


“Medicine in Bloom is a comprehensive resource to inform and educate physicians about medical marijuana.”

“About Us,” Medicine in Bloom website (accessed Apr. 7, 2014)


“Our mission is to educate physicians and conduct research either independently or in collaboration with government or the private sector.

We believe education is a fundamental ingredient of success. We have created a unique database of available research on medical marijuana that is continually updated by our team of specialists.

“About Us,” Medicine in Bloom website (accessed Apr. 7, 2014)

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