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National Health Service Biography

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“The National Health Service or NHS as it is more commonly known, was set up on the 5th July 1948 to provide healthcare for all citizens, based on need, not the ability to pay.

The NHS is funded by the taxpayer and managed by the Department of Health, which sets overall policy on health issues. It is the responsibility of the Department of Health to provide health services to the general public through the NHS.

It was launched as a single organisation based around 14 regional hospital boards. This new NHS was originally split into three parts:

  • hospital services
  • family doctors, dentists, opticians and pharmacists
  • local authority health services, including community nursing and health visiting”
  • NHS website (accessed on June 8, 2006)


    “Although the NHS Plan marks a radical move towards a patient-centred health service, at its core lies a continuing commitment to the founding principles of the NHS. These can be summed up as:

    The provision of quality care that:

  • Meets the needs of everyone
  • Is free at the point of need
  • And is based on a patient’s clinical need not their ability to pay”
  • NHS website (accessed on June 8, 2006)

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