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“As befits the oldest Sunday newspaper in the world, the history of the Observer is a volatile and varied one. The paper was founded in 1791…

In its first century, the Observer was in varying degrees a scurrilous gossip sheet, government propaganda rag and provocative thorn-in-the-side of the establishment. Throughout the nineteenth century, however, the paper’s character changed and came to reflect the more sober morality of the age…

At the end of 2008 the Observer moved from its home in Herbal Hill, Farringdon, to new offices shared with the Guardian in King’s Cross.

Following a series of discussions concerning the role of a Sunday paper in an age when newspapers have radically changed, a redesigned Observer was launched in February 2010. The paper is now published as a four-section paper – News, Sport, the Observer Magazine and our New Review section, plus our monthly Observer Food magazine.”

“History of the Observer,” (accessed Dec. 21, 2011)


“The Observer’s mission statement from its inception in 1791 reads: ‘Unbiased by prejudice – uninfluenced by party. Whole principle is ­independence, whole object is truth, and the dissemination of every species of knowledge that may conduce to the happiness of society.'”

“How the Observer’s Relaunch Was Enlightened by the Spirit of 1791,”, Feb. 14, 2010

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