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Partnership for a Drug-Free America Biography

Con to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“The Partnership believes this is a medical issue, best answered by the medical community. Voters should not circumvent recognized scientific and medical processes by deciding what constitutes safe and effective medicine via the ballot box. The established processes of the Food and Drug Administration are the foundation on which medicine is defined in this country; together, the medical and scientific communities have established procedures through which all drugs must pass before they can be considered safe, sound and effective ‘medicine’. Marijuana has yet to go through this process.”


[Editor’s Note: The “Con” statement above reflects the most current position we could find as of Oct. 23, 2009. We searched for a more recent statement on Oct. 13 and 22, 2009. We sent an email to Partnership for a Drug-Free America on Sep. 23, 2009, and as of Oct. 23, 2009, we have not yet received a response.]


“The Partnership for a Drug-Free America is a nonprofit organization that unites parents, renowned scientists and communications professionals to help families raise healthy children…The centerpiece of this effort is an online resource center at, featuring interactive tools that translate the latest science and research on teen behavior, addiction and treatment into easy to understand tips and tools.”

“About the Partnership,” (accessed Oct. 23, 2009)


“Best known for its research-based national public education programs, the Partnership motivates and equips parents to prevent their children from using drugs and alcohol, and to find help and treatment for family and friends in trouble.”

“About the Partnership,” (accessed Oct. 23, 2009)

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