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Con to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“If there is any benefit to the medical use of marijuana, which remains to be proven, it rests in THC, the active ingredient, and not in the smoke and other chemical contaminants found in the crude plant. We believe that the risks of marijuana use outweigh any potential benefits.”

“Q&A/Articles,”, Dec. 26, 2002

[Editor’s Note: The “Con” statement above reflects the most current position we could find as of Oct. 23, 2009. We searched for a more recent statement on Oct. 13 and 22, 2009. We sent an email to on Sep. 23, 2009, and as of Oct. 22, 2009, we have not yet received a response.]


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“About TeenGrowth,” TeenGrowth website (accessed Oct. 23, 2009)


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“Our Mission,” TeenGrowth website (accessed Oct. 23, 2009)