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William C. Woodward, MD Biography

Former Legislative Counsel at the American Medical Association (AMA)
Pro to the question "Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?"

“There is nothing in the medicinal use of Cannabis that has any relation to Cannabis addiction. I use the word ‘Cannabis’ in preference to the word ‘marihuana’, because Cannabis is the correct term for describing the plant and its products. The term ‘marihuana’ is a mongrel word that has crept into this country over the Mexican border and has no general meaning, except as it relates to the use of Cannabis preparations for smoking…

To say, however, as has been proposed here, that the use of the drug should be prevented by a prohibitive tax, loses sight of the fact that future investigation may show that there are substantial medical uses for Cannabis.”

“Statement to the US House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means,” (as published on May 4, 1937

Theoretical Expertise Ranking:
     Key Experts
Physicians [Physicians are the "key experts" in the medical marijuana debate because the issue is thought by many to be ultimately based on the medical value and risks of marijuana, and Physicians, with their training and clinical work, should (at least in theory) have the best knowledge of marijuana's medical value and risks.] [Note: Key Experts definition varies by sites that have this designation.]
Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Former Legislative Counsel, American Medical Association (AMA)
  • Testified in front of the House Ways and Means Committee as Legislative Counsel for the American Medical Association (AMA) and stated the AMA’s opposition to the proposed Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.
  • MD, school and dates unknown
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