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“Are Wired News and Wired magazine the same thing?

No. Wired News and Wired magazine are separate divisions within the Cond√© Nast company. Wired News is a daily technology news website; Wired magazine is a monthly print publication. However, Wired News and Wired magazine collaborate on many projects, and the Wired News site serves as the digital home of Wired magazine.”

“Frequently Asked Questions,” (accessed Sep. 21, 2007)


Wired‘s mission is to uncover the most surprising and resonant stories about the people, companies, technologies, and ideas that are transforming our lives. Wired identifies the opportunities that help entrepreneurs and business leaders steer their companies toward the future. From business, entertainment, education, and politics, Wired is ‘What’s Next.'”

“Advertising,” (accessed Sep. 21, 2007)

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