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Mar. 16, 2006 – DEA Busts Marijuana-Laced Candy Manufacturers

“On March 16, 2006, DEA arrested 12 individuals on charges of distribution of marijuana. As a result of searches in the San Francisco Bay area conducted at the time of the arrests, law enforcement seized four sophisticated indoor marijuana grows, thousands of marijuana plants, a large amount of US currency, two semi-automatic weapons, one revolver, and hundreds of pot-laced candy and soft drinks. This investigation began in October 2005, when the DEA obtained information that Beyond Bomb, a manufacturer of marijuana candy in Oakland, CA, was in operation. The marijuana-laced candy and other edibles manufactured by the company mimicked the name and appearance of well known name brand candies and products, such as Stoney Ranchers, Munchy Way, Rasta Reece’s. Buddafingers, and Pot Tarts.”

Bruce Margolin, director of Los Angeles NORML — National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws — called the arrests aggressive and “uncalled for.”

“There are a lot of people depending on [marijuana products] for their health and safety and welfare,” he said. “What do they want, for them to be buying off the street?”