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A selection of our reader comments is provided below. We believe these statements are particularly relevant to our core question "Should marijuana be a medical option?"

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  1. "Medical marijuana should be a choice to those that truly need it. My mother has a rare disease and is in pain every single day of her life. I think that it is safer than some of the drugs that doctors want her to take... all those man made drugs are more harmful then weed. She would be more likly to get addicted to those pain medicines and it would be worse for her."
    Desiray, Jan. 27, 2011

  2. "Pros to my marijuana use for my headaches and anxiety: I can work, I can sleep... I can only hope and pray that my 'medicine' along with many others will be legal and will noticed as a benefit to people with illnesses and conditions to which medical marijuana helps!... I honestly don't see any cons to medical use of marijuana."
    Shaun, July 31, 2010

  3. "I have suffered with anxiety and depression issues for about 15 years... I'll tell you what helps me the most as sincerely as I can: marijuana. Not even using it in large doses, just small amounts relieves the anxiety and depression like no other pill they make. Plus, the side affects of the psychiatric drugs are horrifying... God put this plant on the earth for a reason. Yes, some abuse it and use it as a crutch to deal with life; but for some of us, it was created to legitimately help with illnesses!"
    Gwen, May 7, 2010

  4. "I am totally disabled, with deterioration of the central nervous system. I used to use over 1500 hundred pills a month of narcotics, by use of marijuana, now I only use 480 pills a month. It has helped me save my liver and now I can control my pain level with marijuana. Please legalize it, it’s not a bad thing, it will help others around the world..."
    Byron, Apr. 20, 2010

  5. "I am a 22 year old... with a brain tumor... I now use chemotherapy every month at home for five days... Without the use of marijuana I would not be able to live normally for those five days and even the two or three after my course of chemo. Marijuana is the only thing that has kept me happy, hungry, and successful since I found out about my brain tumor. Money could be saved by the governments if they stopped trying to control marijuana and started to control real drugs. Stop wasting billions of dollars controlling pot and start helping our seniors retire without starving."
    David, Mar. 2, 2010

  6. "This medicinal plant holds so much promise for this country, if they would just take their head out of the sand. I can vouch for its use for this purpose, because I have been a victim of severe joint pain since my teens...  Having tried many, many other medications, it is the only answer to my problem. I am sure many billions of people feel as I do. The legalization and taxation of this one crop could bring our country out of financial ruin, clear out or prisons of it's offenders... I have never seen anyone high on pot do the horrible things I have seen drunks do..."
    Kim, Jan. 10, 2010

  7. "I'm a cancer patient in Louisiana. I have used marijuana to help with the side affects of chemotheropy. The benifit has outweighed the risk. I went from 88lbs (at lowest) to 135lbs. If not for that I would have died for sure. Thank you."
    Melonie, Oct. 20, 2009

  8. "I was diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) at about the age of 21, I am 45 now and still wake up every morning as if I have a hang over; nausea, dizziness, and loose bowels. I know from personal experience that the use of marijuana subsides the cramps, eliminates the nausea, and settles my dizziness. After trying different medical prescriptions, all of which have given me no relief, I find I return to cannabis."
    Ladson, Oct. 4, 2009

  9. "I have been living with HIV for 22 years and if it was not for weed God knows I would not be here today. The meds that they give for the HIV is a killer by itself but using pot takes away the sick feeling that the HIV meds give. The meds take away your appetite and taking a few puffs relax your stomach making it easy to tolerate."
    Diane, June 15, 2009

  10. "Regarding the use of marijuana for medical use - I've always been for the legalization of marijuana, but had never realized the benefit it coud be to those in chronic pain. I was diagnosed seven years ago with ankylosing spondylitis, and have been in incredible pain for years... The other day I finally caved in and smoked some marijuana to see if it would help. I was blown away. Not only did I go from a sustainable 7/10 on the pain scale to a 0/10, I was able to move without any stiffness. It was the first time I hadn't felt pain in my body for over 10 years...

    Thank you for posting such useful and interesting information. It was encouraging to read all of this information, and know there's a group who has a clear head in all of this! Thanks again!"
    Michael, Feb. 6, 2009

  11. "This is a very informative and well put together website. I have learned a lot from this website. As a sufferer of chronic pain and Dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities) the only thing that works for me is marijuana so I definitely am for medical marijuana. As it is the only thing that seems to quiet the voices in my head and relieve my pain. It is good to know that other people are starting to agree with me. Thanks for the info and keep up the good work."
    Victor, Feb. 3, 2009
  12. "I am a graduate student from New Mexico writing a policy paper AND a legal research paper on the legalizing of marijuana for medical purposes in our state. I am beginning the process by broadly researching the issue and will turn my focus to the state soon. I knew nothing before I began my research.

    It was a lucky day when I found your site and I just want to tell you that is one the most thorough, well organized, easy to read, well thought out, well referenced sites I've ever been on. I'm sure there are other accolades I could give you, but for now, I want to share how impressed I am with the caliber of material and presentation you have achieved. Thank you.

    Thank you for your very good works....A very grateful student"
    Anonymous, Oct. 13, 2008

  13. "My 29 year old son just passed away in May after a courageous fight less than 8 months after he was diagnosed. Doctors prescribed all sorts of heavy pain medications, as well as anti-anxiety meds, but it was marijuana that helped alleviate his anxiety, nausea, and kept his humor up. I will now try to help with the fight to legalize marijuana at least medically. It is ridiculous that it is something that someone critically ill should have to risk being arrested for.... I would have purchased it for him & taken the risk myself to help him feel better.."
    Lorraine, July 29, 2008

  14. "I know of people who smoke because of the pain they suffer. I think they should make it legal for people who suffer from different issues who really need it. But if it becomes legal the government shouldn't use this as a way to change what it really is don't mess with how it's grown don't put additives in it don't mess with the real way it is."
    Shannon, May 13, 2008

  15. "A mac truck accident in 1981 left me in a coma for 1 month. When I awoke I had to learn again to talk, eat, move my extremities, they said I'd never walk again. I was suffering from seizures since the accident also, for this I was put on dilantin and phenobarbs, FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE my doctors all said. These meds left me like a vegetable, very slow, couldn't talk or drive etc. Being desperate for some quality of life, I tried cannabis. I have been medicating with cannabis since 1984 and have been seizure-free since then. The headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness, and my appetite have all improved greatly. For me it gave me 'A life" again. And by the way, they were wrong about not walking. I do. I may not dance or race with ya, but I can walk anywhere."
    Gerry, Mar. 14, 2008

  16. "We are facing exponential growth in both medical care (including prescription cost) and numbers of aging Americans who will consume increasing amounts of medicine. To say that other medicines are available and not consider 'at what cost' is sheer arrogance or self serving obfuscation. As far as harmful side effects and toxic components of marijuana smoke, compare that to chemotherapy drugs, true opioids, and myriad medical treatments that cause severe harm (while healing) patients. It is not logical to separate marijuana into a 'do not use ever' category when there are so many more 'dangerous' drugs being prescribed hourly."
    Rick, Feb. 25, 2008

  17. "In my opinion, marijuana should be legalized period, and tobacco should be the illegal one. I have never heard of anyone dying from smoking marijuana. But, people die every day from smoking tobacco."
    Keola, Jan. 31, 2008

  18. "I read this in a recent quote on the website: 'I think that it is ridiculous to use marijuana. Everything has something that can go right but that doesn't mean we should use it. The consequences are way too serious.'

    I have schizophrenia, and Marijuana significantly treats my illness. Look up schizo-affective in Wikipedia, then click on 'treatment'. What side effects are there that are more serious than me ending my life because I cannot function properly without it? I would literally have no reason to live if I felt like I did without it. After 3 suicide attempts (all while I was 'sober'). If there are 'side effects' of this herb - not DRUG... they are minimal.

    Notice I said herb because it is a natural substance that is non-toxic. That means it is not a drug, and should therefore not be controlled by the government at all. If you're going to control that, you might as well control St. John's Wort and Ginseng."
    Mike, Jan. 12, 2008

  19. "'Should marijuana be a medical option?' Yes! In some cases, it helps people who have problems eating to eat. It helps people deal with pain when they can't take pills or get shots from doctors because they're allergic to those types of drugs. And I really believe it does help people deal with dying when they know they are. Some of it also helps lower blood pressure. I honestly feel it should be legal in every state."
    Deborah, Jan. 7, 2008

  20. "I believe there are plenty of others out there, like my family, that have used THC with success with their Alzheimer's patients. My family has definitely noticed clear and favorable improvements in my father - he appears in a better mood. He has a better appetite (this is very important because a decrease in body weight is very correlated with getting worse for Alzheimer's patients). He has improved recall of past events at times. He also engages in conversation more. There is the hope that the brain is so plastic that over time he could improve more but this may be overly optimistic. For now, the THC has resulted in some improvement and will hopefully prevent him from getting worse. We really need scientific trials."
    Jay, webmaster of, Nov. 6, 2007

  21. "I believe marijuana should be legalized, period. If for no other reason, it is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco, both of which are legal. The illegalization and demonization of marijuana is based on an archaic outdated view of pot as harmful, linking it with truly harmful drugs like heroine, cocaine, LSD, and others. Is there any record of anyone ever having gone on a killing spree while stoned? Probably not. The most harmful thing anyone ever did under the influence of pot was to gorge themselves to the point of nausea, then go to sleep. Enough said."
    D.R., Oct. 8, 2007

  22. "I cannot understand why Doctors have a problem prescribing marijuana to patients that would benefit from its use. Surgeons use cocaine during some surgical procedures, and they have to keep a strict record on how much they use, but they do use it.

    I was diagnosed with MS about 2 and a half years ago and all the medication they had me on made it impossible to speak,or keep a rational thought in my head. I believed I was dying. After taking prescription medicines for 7 months, and suffering every conceivable side effect they could cause, I quit taking them all and started smoking marijuana before bed. I have felt better, I can walk, talk, think, and play now. I believe in following the law, but I believe in this instance the law is wrong."
    Lucinda, Sep. 6, 2007

  23. "I am not a pothead and I really don't like the high, but it's the only thing that takes away the sickness enough to allow me to eat. I went a whole month without food before I found marijuana helped me. My wife and I live in an RV fulltime and travel the country looking for a place where we won't get in trouble for smoking. Like many other disabled people, we will do what we have to do to have some quality of life. Looks like we'll have to go west."
    Dan, Aug. 24, 2007

  24. "I'm very pro for medical purposes. I have watched my father die with cancer. And myself, I’m going through major problems with end stage renal failure. Doctors try to understand, but can't feel the pain you go through. A friend on dialysis tells me smoking is what gets him through the rough times."
    Philip, July 30, 2007

  25. "[Medical Marijuana] helped my deceased brother-in-law. He had blisters on and in his mouth, also nausea. He died a terrible death."
    Patricia, July 10, 2007

  26. "I was shot thru the right sub and supra orbital sections of the right side of my head exiting over my right ear. They rebuilt 1/4 of my skull. Epilepsy, PTSD, and other issues such as severe anxiety, constant pain and depression... I am still alive because I smoke [marijuana] every day. Empirical evidence has proven to me that failure to utilize generally causes a seizure and at minimum I get really aggressive...

    I will not live on narcotics. Ibuprophine, or aspirin all have side effects worse than any temporary pain. Replacement liver from the damage of man made drugs? No thanks."
    Joseph from Pennsylvania, July 20, 2007

  27. "After surviving my coma-inducing traumatic brain-injury, I have found THC, from marijuana, very beneficial in my ongoing recovery. For example, only after the post-coma re-introduction of THC into me, was I able to remember day-to-day events in life..."
    Anonymous, July 3, 2007

  28. "I use [marijuana] because of the side-affects and after-affects of the 'legal' drugs. All the others either make me sick or put me out. I don't see how that is beneficial. Because my medical problem is chronic, I have been dealing with pain for a long time. I have tried to get by with Tylenol and Ibuprophine, but long-term use of either has some serious consequences. I now have a sick liver because Tylenol is so hard on the liver, and Ibuprophine has torn up my stomach. When I try something stronger, it renders me unable to perform the simplest of tasks. Or I end up with one terrible hangover! Who wants that?"
    Carole, June 14, 2007

  29. "Three years ago I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder after returning from a year long tour in Iraq. I was a mess. I couldn't sleep, felt anxious all the time, was depressed and suicidal. I cried EVERY day for a year. ... I was prescribed an antidepressant and a sleep medication. I gained 40 pounds and still had the same symptoms. All of this affected my marriage, my family relationships and my professional life. I became progressively agoraphobic and only left my house when I absolutely had to. My children did all my outside errands. ... I felt so suicidal that I wanted to kill myself. ...

    I had severe reservations about 'smoking pot.' It is illegal and I am a health care professional ... Still, I wanted to feel better, to be myself again, and to be the person I was before the PTSD. I smoked the pot. Immediately I felt relaxed and calm. I smiled and laughed. I finally felt at peace for the first time in 2 years. I slept my first night in 3 years without the sleep medication. The next day I felt refreshed and renewed. I had hope again. My son told me that he was so happy to see the old me again."
    "Anonymous for Obvious Reasons," June 20, 2007

  30. "You could never understand medical marijuana until you witness the sick .. actually talk to them, CANCER & AIDS patient's half dead already, always in pain.... you could see it in their eyes... the pain. Tell them that marijuana isn't medicine. I myself am a patient and have seen the good first hand that this plant can do. To those who think that marijuana is a drug... I guess that I have to be the one to tell you that it is not a drug, but a true MEDICINE!"
    Adam, Apr. 17, 2007

  31. "In spite of grandma's sage advice that alcohol is good for what ailes ya, a multitude of people have had their lives abruptly ended because of alcohol. I firmly believe that marijuana is a herb with medicinal properties. It, like alcohol, effects people differently and is not for everyone. It is my right to choose what is best for me."
    Leah, Apr. 14, 2007

  32. "Although it is more than a year later, if you would like to use my name/email, you are welcome to. My name is Jessica, and I am currently a college student. When I get out of college/then graduate school, I plan on speaking out about the medicinal marijuana benefits. It is a shame that speaking out at this point could prevent me from getting into certain schools/jobs, but a few years down the road, you and hopefully the entire nation will be hearing more from me."
    Jessica Kuykendall, Feb. 9, 2007

    Note: Jessica originally wrote to us in Oct. 13, 2005:

    "Hi. I am a young female living in Alabama with a rare type of Muscular Dystrophy. Unfortunately, I am allergic to codeine. I get very sick and start vomiting when I take anything with codeine in it. I started smoking marijuana to relieve my pain about 3 years ago, and it definately is the best possible thing for me.... When I smoke, my muscles relax, and sometimes my joints just 'slide' back into place. My doctor also knows that I use marijuana for pain, and says that she knows it helps. I have tried Ultram, which made me have convulsions. Neurontin made me suicidal. My legal options at this point are none. Hopefully, one day all of the patients that benefit from medicinal marijuana can be pain-free without prosecution."

  33. "I have Crohn's disease and I agree marijuana gives me temporary relief of pain and it helps with the nausea I experience when the disease comes out of remission. I don't recommend it as your only alternative of medication for Crohn's disease. I'm currently on doctor prescribed medications for Crohn's desease, and when the meds don't work I'm forced to go out in the streets looking for sellers of marijuana. That's something I don't enjoy doing because I could easily end up getting hurt or end up with marijuana that's been treated with PCP or some other very harmful chemical. I feel it [marijuana] should be legal in every state for medicinal purpose (of course under the supervision of a medical professional)."
    Leslie, Jan. 29, 2007

  34. "One would not believe we are now in the 21st century with a government that still uses antiquated, pathetic excuses to rob the dispensaries of their money & medicine under the guise of a 'raid' -- no different than a bank robbery. Just the government doing it calling it 'confiscation.' If the government is for the people, then who is DEA working for since they are against the people?"
    Frances, Jan. 17, 2007

  35. "I have been a medical Marijuana user for 33 years to control nausea, spasms and depression associated with a catastrophic disability due to spinal cord injury, quadriplegia, associated triweekly chemo, violent muscle spasms and occasional blues big time. I have, over the years, tried all available methods of consumption. I like [mixing] it [ground marijuana, pre-cooked] with some raspberry yogurt just before I finish up with chemotherapy. It takes from a half hour to an hour to take affect. Best on an empty stomach. Spasms stop, nausea turns miraculously to hunger and my situation isn't so bad after all with all the beauty that surrounds us in life."
    Laurence, Nov. 10, 2006

  36. "Indeed, it [medical marijuana] should be made readily available, with no stigma attached to it. I've had 2 back surgeries, serious ones. [Medical marijuana] really helps my pain."
    Steven, Oct. 14, 2006

  37. "I had 2 neck surgeries, I underwent physical therapy... My doctor has me on two types of morphine that makes me tired and I cry all the time. I also take Topamax for migraines, anti-inflammatory, & anti-depression drugs. I tried marijuana on my own for two weeks and I had more energy, none to little pain, I was happy, and I felt like a normal person. I spoke to my doctor about this and he was angry. He said it was not legal and told me to take my morphine. Please help me feel like a person again. I don't want to go to drug dealers, I am afraid to grow plants. I don't know what to do."
    Pat, Sep. 28, 2006

  38. "I'm a 47 year old male that retired from the Army with over 20 years of service. [...] I am now 100% disabled with PTSD. I have been on every antidepressant, antianxiety agent, mood stabilizer, antipsychotic, alpha blockers, beta blockers, and every combination thereof with bad results... I found a Psychiatrist who was a great listener and paid attention to what I was telling him. I now use marijuana with two other meds that would otherwise make me hostile and homicidal... Without marijuana, I would have taken my life... my quality of life has greatly improved in a state that marijuana is highly illegal."
    Mel, Sep. 11, 2006

  39. "Having been ill and faced the fact that the ONLY medicine that helped was marijuana I can tell you that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a sick person to run out, find seeds, and grow marijuana... The fact remains that when we are sick we are also by default financially challenged because we can't work. Our families suffer because of this... People who think the dispensaries were easy drug dealers for our children and others who weren't sick are uninformed. Our children can get marijuana. They can get as much as they want whenever they want and they can get it a hell of a lot cheaper than I could buy it at the dispensaries!... Don't think for one minute that our kids are using the dispensaries. They don't need them... We voted to make marijuana accessible to the sick who needed it TEN YEARS AGO! Most of the sick people who pushed that law through are dead now. How much longer is it going to take before the people get what they voted for?"
    Mary, July 26, 2006

  40. "I am a new patient of medical marijuana being treated for migraine and daily headaches. I have been using the edables for approx. 2 weeks, the first 8 days I did not take any pain medication at all. My usual intake is 1-3 800 mg of Motrin per day for the daily headaches and Imetrex tablets or injections for the migraines. The weather over the last week or so is typically my 'migraine' weather (high pressure and humidity) but since using the marijuana I have not had a migraine. After 36 years of trying different treatments and medications, this is the first time in my life that I have not had to take pain medication. My mother, my sister and my youngest daughter all suffer from migraines. If this treatment continues to work on me I will definitely recommend it to all. From a long term headache sufferer, this is a miracle!!!!"
    Lisa, July 25, 2006

  41. "I am 58 years old and live with chronic pain. All the pain killers in the world can not take the pain away, only cannabis. I realize it is still illegal but I have no alternative. If i quit I wont be able to walk anymore."
    Jeanne, Feb. 24, 2006

  42. "Personally, I think marijuana should be used for medical purposes. It's a natural drug that these days is used for all the wrong reasons. I'm sure that marijuana can do some wonders for people if it's used right. It should only be used for medical purposes, nothing else. If doctors have found that marijuana has helped heal someone's pain, then by all means, go for it."
    Sonja, Feb. 7, 2006

  43. "I have lived with increasing pain due to a cartilage deficiency in all my joints, that will grow increasingly painful as I continue to age. My condition has resulted so far in two surgeries that have left me with little to no cartilage in both knees. Over the preceding years doctors have tried to give me various 'approved' pain medications only to find they either don't work in the case of synthetically created meds or in the case of opiates, they cause nausea, loss of appetite, and leave me in such a sedated state that I am no longer able to function in society.

    Marijuana is the safest pain management alternative for me, the medical community's much beloved opiates are too addictive as well as having many other detrimental side effects. With the use of marijuana I am able to function in my day to day life as well as maintain a healthy weight.

    Those who say medical marijuana advocates just want to get an illegal drug legalized so they can abuse it are absolutely ignorant. If my goal was to access drugs to feed a drug addiction, then I would be much more content with the opium derived medications like codeine, which is more sought after by drug abusers then marijuana."
    Anonymous, Jan. 22, 2006

  44. "I'm a hospice nurse and have watched many people suffer terribly with nausea, anorexia, and pain that could easily be reduced through use of marijuana. Yes, we have lots of drugs on the market now, but they are often ineffective and have far worse side effects than smoking a bit of marijuana would... The drugs that we use in hospice care generally have far greater and more dangerous side effects with less effectiveness than smoking a bit of the herb would... It's not a perfect world, but we can help to alleviate some of the suffering in it by allowing the use of medical marijuana."
    Ginger, Jan. 4, 2006

  45. "I suffer many different kinds of severe and debilitating pain associated with multiple sclerosis. Without the use of cannabis, on a 1 to 10 scale, my usual daily level of pain is 7-8. With the use of cannabis the pain levels drop to an (almost) acceptable level of 2-3.... Since starting the use of marijuana to control my pain, 90% of the pain has ceased. The progression of the disease has also become stable as it appears to be both therapeutic as well as palliative for ms - and many other diseases."
    Daniel, Dec. 12, 2005

  46. "Personally I feel that if medical marijuana helps ease the pain for sick and suffering people then just let them use it! If you were in that much pain you would want it too and you would probably be a little angry at all the people trying to take away the only thing that gives you relief!"
    Betsy, Dec. 9, 2005

  47. "[Medical Marijuana] sounds like help for the chronically ill. But I am very concerned about this country's future. A lot of people are already in trouble [for]... drugs. How can the government control this? People are already unable to control themselves. I am from Japan and I see a lot of problems in this country because of drug use."
    Miki, Dec. 2, 2005

  48. "At age of thirteen I underwent a surgery to put Harrington Rods in my back because I had and still have severe scoliosis. Today at 27 years old I'm starting to have terrible lower back pain, doctors have put me on all sorts of pain killers (narcotics) and all it does is dope me up and make me sleepy, and very clouded. I started smoking marijuana and it relaxed my muscles, body enough to take the ache and pain away. Marijuana in my opinion should be legalized for medical reasons."
    Jennifer, Nov. 19, 2005

  49. "I have smoked [marijuana] in the past. Today I have chronic Hepatitis C, and my joints ache when I walk. I tried marijuana again, it took away the pain but it also slowed down my bowel movements and I don't pass much urine. It takes me about two days to get my system moving again. Now I'd rather live with the pain and keep flushing out my system so that it does not get toxic. My conclusion, it is not good for me."
    Lorraine, Oct. 30, 2005

  50. "I use it every day and it has saved my life. I could not eat for three weeks and three hits and I eat and don't throw up. So I think its GREAT."
    Joe, Oct. 7, 2005

  51. "Four months ago I was diagnosed with Lupus and I could barely walk. They had given me pain medication, but I was afraid of becoming addicted so I tried smoking pot because I had heard that the medicinal benefits were endless! And I did, I went from crawling up and down the steps to walking like I had before my illness was discovered. Now I still stick to my doctor's orders and take all my medications, but when it comes to my pain, marijuana has helped me regain my life. I only do it when the pain meds don't help and before I go to bed. I really think they should consider legalizing it, if you have a medical condition."
    S.I.F., Oct. 4, 2005

  52. "Personally, I think anyone sick enough to need a drug to ease their pain where ever the pain may be should have access to it without the U.S. gov. creating road blocks. Common sense should tell them there is a way to do good without letting so much bad get away. Marijuana should be legal."
    Linda, Sep. 25, 2005

  53. "I think that it [medical marijuana] should be legalized but only for terminally ill patients. Not for people that can find other means of medication and others means of feeling better. I think that marijuana should only be open to and available to the people who are suffering and terminally ill!"
    Anonymous, Sep. 14, 2005

  54. "I recently suffered from an on-going problem of inflamed esophagus. In the past I have had to go to the emergency to get relief;, GI cocktail, nitro and morphine. About a week ago I had the same problem and did not want to wait in the emergency room. We went to a clinic who could not administer nitro or morphine. In desperation I decided to smoke some marijuana instead. I was amazed that in less than 15 minutes I began to get relief and in 30 minutes the pain was completely gone. I was already aware of its benefits for nausea, anxiety, depression. Its a wonder drug in my opinion. It really needs to be legal nation wide for medical purposes."
    Robert, Aug. 3, 2005

  55. "I was severely injured on Nov. 13 2001, when a tree top feel and struck my skull, shattering the right front section of my skull and I nearly lost my right eye. After reconstructive skull surgery (6 plates and 12 screws) ... I was prescribed hydrocodone (morphine) for daily severe headaches and pain and dilantin for anti seizures. While on the prescribed drugs, I had two severe seizures and additional hospital stays. Unable to work or fully function.

    It has been now 2 yrs 14 weeks since i have used either prescribed drug, both have been replaced with cannabis daily use. NO Seizures - NO severe head aches any longer. Working Full time again !! :O) No Depression. No nausea. Gaining weight back :O) Total shame the govt calls people criminals when they have turned their lives around and improved their medical condition. Thank God for the plant God created.... Safe, Nature and Effective."
    Ken, July 12, 2005

  56. "I am a 43 year old woman. I wish to testify before you that I suffer severe anxiety and depression. I was treated with many different prescription drugs. I no longer take any of those due to the fact that a small amount of marijuana does more for my condition than anything I have ever taken.... I personally believe it is insane that [medical marijuana] is not legal and alcohol (which KILLS people from accidents and health problems) is [legal]."
    Bethany, May 23, 2005

  57. "Yes, I do believe that marijuana needs to be approved for the medically needy. I suffer from severe migraines & have tried everything possible from meds to try to prevent them as well as beta blockers since 1993. They are not just normal migraines. I was diagnosed with a psudeotumor ceberi (swelling of the brain -- excess water on the brain). I've already lost vision in my left eye & am now starting to loose vision in my right eye. I started smoking marijuana for the pain & nausea. I didn't have a appetite ever & didn't have a life. I was a vegtable & now I can somewhat handle life again. However, I had to look over my shoulder all the the time. Now I got caught & now I will fight & do all I can do to see it gets passed so I can get it to others like me. More people need to speak up!!!"
    Tammy, Apr. 13, 2005

  58. "I am a 32 years old mother of 3 beautiful children. I am a decent, kind and usually law-abiding citizen until 4 months ago. I have been suffering for 5 years with ... painful and disabling conditions. I can usually tolerate the pain, but not always. I have severe drug allergies to ... Codeine, Morphine, Demerol, Amnitriptaline.

    Due to my drug allergies my doctors and I deliberated about trying medical marijuana. I smoke very little and only when I think I might have to go to the emergency room from the pain. Since I started smoking I have managed to actually gain 5 pounds, I was wasting away due to the severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome and not being hungry from pain. My sleeping has improved and I can actually focus on the tasks at hand because I AM NOT HURTING! It is an all-natural pain killer that should be allowed to be prescribed by doctors for patients who have no other pain reliving choices."
    Laura, Apr. 7, 2005

  59. "The value [of medical marijuana] should be based on the patients' input. After all the patient is the one using the MMJ. I look at it like this; all FDA approved drugs are tested using a placebo, right! So even if there really is no medicinal value yet only a 'placebo' effect value, then who is to say it has no medical value? Government, lawyers, and the such should stay out of it and let the people of the state decide by voting as we did in California."
    Kevin, Feb. 28, 2005

  60. "I have had Crohn's disease for over 30 years. I tried all the drugs that my doctors prescribed [and] I still had pain, constipation and diarhea. I was told ten years ago I needed a colostomy bag. It was then that I made a few trial and error decisions for my health. I now grow all my own food (meat included) and smoke marijuana when needed. Last Summer after a series of colon tests it was concluded that I never looked better intestinally!!... I am still smoking marijuana when needed and the change in my system once again -- is unbelievable!!"
    Terri, Feb. 25, 2005

  61. "I have a story / letter I wrote thinking from my mother's point of view. You see, I will never have children although I like to think that I would make an excellent mother. The title of my story is 'To Whom It May Concern.' It’s a letter to all who are against Medical Marijuana. My mother and I are very close and we have actually discussed the need for our nation to accept medicinal marijuana for patients who need it. My mother lives in South Carolina and I live in California. I would not be alive if I lived in South Carolina." View the letter.
    C.J., Feb. 6, 2005

  62. "It isn't a secret when one says that marijuana adds to a heightened frame of mind. I feel that this is the state of mind a person must achieve in order to deal with a life threatening illness, because lets face it, how would all the politicians all over the world react if they were going to experience an unbearable amount of discomfort before leaving behind everyone they love. We need to find a way for people to have as much comfort or an acceptable level of numbing when dealing with an emotional and physical life threatening illness."
    Aaron, Jan, 23, 2005

  63. "I am a medical practitioner trained as a surgeon in modern medicine, presently engaged in clinical research in medicinal plants. I use cannabis in movement disorders and have observed several beneficial effects of the same."
    Suresh, Dec. 18, 2004

  64. "As a middle-aged parent, I have and will maintain concern about the influences on the children. I do recognize that the legality of marijuana reflects little to its availability and/or use in society today. I know this to be just as true now as it was when I was a child. In my older years I have discovered that any negative impact derived from its use, be it medical or recreational, is 'light' by contrast to the repercussions inflicted upon an individual by our legal system. Were it not for an understanding of the incredible amount of money it pumps into the Judicial and Enforcement branches of our government by remaining illegal, I would wonder why it remain with that status. I simply would like to see the federal government release the issue back to the State and allow the State to treat the issue of Marijuana use, medical or recreational, as the State would choose."
    Thom, Nov. 25, 2004

  65. "I think if MJ helps heal it should be available to those in need...not for social and destructive behavior..."
    Melody, Nov. 20, 2004

  66. "The Declaration of Independence guarantees 'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.' Life is defined as 'maintaining metabolism.' And I have seen no proof that pot is not part of at least some segment of the population's natural body chemistry which makes up that metabolism. Therefore laws against marijuana use by adults are unconstitutional."
    Kerry, July 22, 2004

  67. "I am pro/marijuana and have been a legal smoker in the State of Nevada since it was made legal for medical patients almost 4 years ago....I was hit by a drunk driver 17 years ago and have the following symptoms: continuous pain 24/7 due to 7 herniated discs and a rod in my left leg. I am bed-ridden now and I am not operable... I believe marijuana should be made legal, but under strict regulation for those under the age of 18 or 21. I would prefer alcohol be illegal, it has ruined many families and killed and maimed many innocent people. I don't believe it should be legal to drive on marijuana, but our current methods of finding guilt are inadequate at best. I would continue smoking even if my government makes it illegal for my medical usage. I can't see putting someone like me in prison when I am only trying to reduce my agony and have some type of productive life where without it I couldn't imagine wanting my life at all."
    Kristi, July 3, 2004

  68. "This whole debate about medical marijuana, and arguments against legalizing it is an absolute mystery to me. I simply don't see what the big deal is. Marijuana is not for everyone, as some people do not respond well to it, but just because some people can't handle it, does that mean that I should not be allowed to smoke? that's like saying that since some people can't handle wilderness and have gotten into serious trouble while backpacking, then backpacking should be illegal for everyone. That's about the logic of this whole marijuana debate."
    Monica, May 29, 2004

  69. "Inadequate substitutes [to marijuana], such as Marinol, are given to cancer and AIDS patients who can't even swallow, much less, keep it down long enough to reap it's benefits. The U.S. government has gone way overboard in it's campaign to vilify marijuana. It is an herb which has good uses, as well as, the potential for abuse. Marijuana has no business, being classified as a Schedule I - Controlled Substance, a category which is usually reserved for highly dangerous drugs, such as 'street' methamphetamine, LSD, heroin and so on... Putting marijuana in the same class with those drugs is like stocking Drano in the toy department, alongside bubble soap.

    Marijuana classification and control is best left up to botanists, herbalists and physicians, not the DOJ, DEA, FDA, CIA, or any other alphabet agency or administration, looking for a villain."
    Michael, May 26, 2004

  70. "I have been a cannabis user for 19 years. I have psoratic arthritis, bipolar disorder and PTSD. I have found that I am able to control much of the symptoms of these conditions with my use."
    Della, Apr. 24, 2004

  71. "The FDA does not care about our safety or well being. It's only concern is having the government backing it up with money at all times. And the government does not want to allow legalization of marijuana until they can control every aspect of the drug. My doctor informed me I was on my way to death. But the FDA doesn't care, and neither do the drug companies that are accepted by them and the government. I can list all of the 'legal drugs' I am on, lexapro, wellbutrin (antidepressants), norco (extra strength vicodin), lisinopril (high blood pressure), metformin (diabetes), norflex (muscle relaxer), allegra (allergies). My pain is very very awful. It's like having the worst flu, with all the body aches and weakness, on a daily basis. Never goes away. The only thing that stops my pain is marijuana. Even though it's only maybe 30 minutes or so, when there is constant pain, that 30 minutes means everything.!!! Thank you for letting me share my thoughts."
    Aimee, Apr. 20, 2004

  72. "I am a 20 year old male with fiber mialga and have had it well within 7 years. I'm currently on several medications that only help every now and then, but smoking marijuana has helped me out expedentially. Figuring there is no cure for this disease yet its the best temporary cure for it, honestly I would like it to be legalized for this reason as well."
    Michael, Apr. 16, 2004

  73. "I spent all morning in the emergency room at strong hospital in Rochester, New York. There was a couple...the man's wife was in a wheel chair, and to make the story short, we went out for a cigarette. The woman, after i opened the conversation, admitted that smoking pot the night before was the only relief she had to the pain she was having. I would like all the policy makers to spend a day in the E.R., and wonder how fewer the numbers would be, and if the prohibition on pot would end."
    Lee, Apr. 10, 2004

  74. "I am a nurse and work with the elderly. I have suffered from horrible stomach ailment since the age of 17. I've been to so many doctors... scoped..x-rayed... medicated... I got sick of it all. A few years ago a friend of mine saw how bad I looked... I have a spastic stomach... IBS... nausea, pain... sometimes can't eat. He said 'I have some tea I drink for that purpose. Take some home home and drink 2-3 cups of it warmed.' So I did and oh my God...first the nausea went away... pain... it was wonderful. I only drank it right before I went to bed as that was the prime time for all my gastric problems but I was nauseous pretty much all the time. After awhile I asked him what it was in the tea and he said marijuana. Well, I was horrified as I am a nurse, but than it dawned on me... all those years of doctors... medicines... hospitalizations... pain... I finally took matters into my own hands and decided to continue... it worked!"
    C.P., Feb. 6, 2004

  75. "Marijuana has alleviated my arthritis suffering for 25 years."
    Anonymous, Jan. 22, 2004

  76. "I am a female, age 42, who found out in 2001 that I had MS [Multiple Sclerosis]. I think medical marijuana should be legal for people with these kinds of diseases. There is not a lot of things out there for the pain. I'm not saying to make it legal for everyone, just those with MS, cancer, and things like that."
    Carolyn, Jan. 20, 2004

  77. "I have scoliosis and marijuana is all I will use for the pain, only organic... no chemicals. It takes 10-15 grams a day and dulls the pain so I can work."
    Shawn, Jan. 9, 2004

  78. "I am not a weirdo or a freak or a drug addict. I am a 46-year-old mother of five and grandmother to six great kids. I was told in 1973 I would never have those kids. I am a survivor of a rare type of Rhabdomyosarcoma, a childhood cancer. A tumor the size of a baseball was removed and I was put on very rigorous chemotherapy. My cancer was so rare and had not been previously seen much, so the doctors were pretty much playing it by ear and gave me a slim to none chance of living.

    I cannot find appropriate words to describe the pain and illness of the chemo I received seven days out of every month. I dropped 60 pounds in no time. The nausea alone was horrific. Everything made me vomit. I mean everything, not just food. The air conditioner moving the curtain, smells of nurses and doctors, sounds from the lobby, smell of coffee, smell of the sheets on the bed. I cannot think of one thing the entire time I was on chemo that did not make me retch. This was the most horrible part. It was worse than no reflexes, no hair, no smell or taste. People asked me why didn't the doctors load me up with meds for nausea? They did! I was on at least four different drugs for severe nausea.

    My friend [said] I sounded depressed on the phone so she came to cheer me up. I began to vomit again. All I could think of was how to get rid of her... I really didn't hear her until she said 'and I brought you a joint of Acapulco Gold.' I was thrilled. I had not smoked any weed since the beginning of this nightmare almost 8 months before. I had been watched almost every second of every day.

    We decided we would smoke it in the bathroom with the door locked and a towel rolled up in front of it, to hide the smell. My poor little friend had to practically carry me and all my machines and tubes in to the bathroom with me retching the entire time.

    I figured I could only manage a hit or two but discovered I could smoke the entire joint with her. We were sitting in the little white bathroom laughing up a storm when it dawns on both of us at the same time that I am not sick, AND I AM LAUGHING! As long as I live I will not forget that feeling of total freedom from pain. I walked myself back to the bed and she carried my equipment. The nurse steps in and gives us a raised eyebrow and leaves. My friend pulls something out of her bag and says, 'Look what I brought ya.' Lo and behold! It was a giant jar of dill pickles! I was a pickle addict before I became ill. With no hesitation I ate that entire jar and did not get sick at all! Not one cramp, nothing.

    Suddenly it occurred to me if I could feel so good and am able to live by smoking pot then why should I die? Here I am, 30 years later. I have had a rough life since then and I still survive. I do not know why marijuana gave me back my life. I don't analyze it. I am just grateful that it was there when I needed it. The powers that be have got to somehow start caring about people who are dying or wanting to die, suffering from pain that cannot be comprehended unless one has experienced it."
    Angel, Dec. 2, 2003

  79. "Hello my name is Scott and I suffer from thoracic outlet syndrome and have chronic pain! I have been on everything from the smallest pain killers to oxycotin and duragisc patches! I have found marijuana takes off the edge with out the horrid side affects of synthetic heroin the doctors would not take me off of because they did not want to deal with the withdrawals of it! I live in Indiana and have to go thorough great lengths to get my marijuana!"
    Scott, Oct. 15, 2003

  80. "I did have a close friend who passed on from cancer quite some years back. He smoked pot. I remember that he told me certain kinds of pot certainly did relieve his pain, but, some did not. Regardless, it was his choice, NOT the Government's. In my personal opinion our government has no business whatsoever telling any of us what we can or cannot put in our mouths, what drugs we can or cannot use, whether we have to wear seat belts, etc., etc. The list is endless."
    Linda, Oct. 14, 2003

  81. "I have very mixed feelings about the use of marijuana. My personal opinion is; It should be legalized EVERYWHERE for MEDICAL PURPOSES ONLY. It should be prescription of course. There are always abusers of the laws. Unfortunately this is how humans are."
    Laronda, Oct. 13, 2003

  82. "A doctor 'recommended' I use marijuana for muscle spasms/pain relief from two physical problems [caused by sports injuries] that do not respond to therapies/medication. That was in 1985. The legality issues surrounding marijuana use prevented me from using for 7 years, and the number of times I was prescribed muscle relaxants, pain relievers, and physical therapy increased. Upon the recommendation of an acquaintance, I resumed the use of marijuana. I have not needed to attend therapy, and the incidence of muscle spasm and physical pain are highly reduced and far more bearable. It is difficult for me to not be able to say anything to my mother, who experiences much physical pain, an impacted lifestyle, and little relief from current medical procedures. It would make me feel much better if there was a legal 'venue' that I could suggest for her to see if marijuana would help live her life with less pain... Iowa does not recognize marijuana as a medical option...

    I used to work as an alcoholism/substance abuse counselor, and KNOW that alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, and many non-prescription drugs are far more likely to be addictive and be life threatening than any of the negative issues that may be related to marijuana...."
    John, Sep. 18, 2003

  83. "Ten months ago we found out that a family member had terminal cancer, and the cancer was unfortunately in the brain. Of course doctors did not give too much hope, and pills galore, however I am writing to inform you that the quality of life has been greatly improved because of the marijuana usage. We mix marijuana with orange juice, papaya juice, pineapple juice and a banana in a blender, which not only is very tasty, does a great thing for the individual. The migraine headaches have ceased, and appetite returned. Also the person is a lot happier. I have great hope that the marijuana will shrink the tumor as well, and we also hope that it will also increase the number of days the person can live without pain and suffering. THC has been scientifically proven to shrink tumors, and hopefully may get rid of it altogether. I fully support the usage of this wonderful herb, to improve the quality of life for people who have sickness of all sorts, and recommend our juice to them. Don't let people's ignorance prevent them from taking this herb illegally, this is utter nonsense, and it is always typical of mankind to abuse herbs, if they are illegal. Please let the sick have legal usage of this wonderful drug, which is a god-send for all of us.

    Happy to share this with you all, and will give you an update on the sick persons condition. So far so good."
    Gabrielle, Sep. 17, 2003

  84. "I have been seeing several doctors for over two and one half years for chronic neck pain. they can't help. The only thing that has helped my pain is cannabis."
    Luis, Sep. 14, 2003

  85. "My son has Tourettes and I know for a fact they did a study with tourette patients and marijuana and it does help control the ticks of Tourettes as well as other symptoms of this disorder.I have written to members of congress in my state, which is New Jersey, asked for a response to my letters, but as of yet had not received one E Mail. P.S. It helps my son without the terrible side effects of his meds. Orap, which he is on, can cause heart damage, depocote started to effect his lever, risperdol -- he developed a severe allergy reaction to, haldol he started showing signs of tardive dyskinesias, which most of the time is irreversible, but we was taken off in time, thank god. Wellbuturan made his tics worse than ever. So you see why I would like medicinal marijuana in my state?"
    Dottie, Sep. 6, 2003

  86. "Excellent work but some of us can answer the question quickly and with no hesitation. Yes it works, no it's not a cure, yes smoking is bad for you (so eat it or vaporize, etc.) and is it effective? Again, yes. I hope Bob Barr never has to be in a situation where he would need to make that decision. AIDS sucks, Cannabis helps."
    Phil, Aug. 22, 2003

  87. "I work with 'The Ohio Patient Network".' We network and educate anyone who needs or wants to hear it. We are working to get a bill passed here in Ohio. I am a patient myself and have been a nurse most of my life. I have seen the changes this had made in people. I have my WHOLE family's support on this and I will not stop until it's passed. Thank You."
    Paula A. Mercer, RN, July 7, 2003

  88. "Hello. I'm a medicinal cannabis user for bipolar. I lived in Maastricht, the Netherlands for 6 months. The specific effects it has on me are keeping me calm/mellow/stable w/o making me feel drugged. It also takes away the nausea from Lithium as well as stimulates me to eat. In mania, sometimes it's easy to not eat for several days, resulting in emulsification. I do not get high from it, only it keeps me at a constant, no ups or downs. No rage, no anger, I'm more human."
    NJ.B. Tatom, June 21, 2003

  89. "I think that medical marijuana is a good thing when managed correctly, it can relieve pain and stress."
    Stephen, May 25, 2003

  90. "I am a 27 year old male. I never believed in doing any kind of drugs, but on Sept. 5th 2002 I hurt my back at work, and am now taking 240 ultracets a month. I tried some marijuana, and it did not make me shake like my pills do and worked better for my pain than my pills."
    Jason, May 10, 2003

  91. "I preface this supportive note by saying that I neither smoke nor take drugs. My father is a retired physician, and my mother is a retired RN. Neither drink nor smoke. I am 37 and was unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage 3C ovarian cancer in late February. I had major surgery on March 6th, and began chemotherapy on March 31st. I handled chemo poorly. Days 3 & 4 featured mind-numbing bone pain, for which there was no relief. This was an expected side effect, and ultimately one I could handle. But Days 6, 7 and 8 were so bad that I ended up back in the hospital for X-rays. Reduced to daily hysterical crying for hours at a time due to the pain, I was unable to eat, and could barely even get water down. Despite strong anti-nausea medications (Anzemet, etc.), the nausea I felt was beyond tolerable, as was the pain. I could barely walk or move. In desperation, a friend of my sister's sent up a bag of pot. My father -- a retired physician -- went to a neighbor's to borrow a pipe and a lighter (a gesture which made me cry), and I prayed to God that this plant might work. It is difficult to explain how desperate my parents and I were by this point.

    Suffice it to say that my father -- an unemotional doctor -- was reduced to tears after overhearing hours of my hysterical, pain-riddled crying. After smoking, I was able to ingest some food for the first time in 5 days. I was able to sit up, and my pain level was cut in half. And I was finally able to sleep after nearly nine days of terrible insomnia (which I don't ordinarily suffer from). When I called my chemo doctor, he said, "That's the only thing that works for a lot of people. If it's working, keep using it." I had to smoke every half hour or so for a number of days, and then was able to smoke less and less as my body recovered from the first chemo treatment.

    My next treatment begins Monday, and MJ is a big part of the plan my doctor and I outlined to try to alleviate the unusually painful side effects that affected me. I somehow feel shortchanged that I wasn't more informed before chemo started. If I had known how helpful MJ could be, I might not have suffered through days of thinking I was going to die. As a former corporate executive, I have flown all over the world to give speeches and presentations. After this one experience, I feel compelled to speak out in support of this issue. I don't yet know how I can help. I have posted a link to your web site on an influential forum catering to female cancer patients. I hope the seemingly unbiased information you present helps others avoid some of the pain that I have suffered. Thank you for providing this site, and supporting this effort."
    Dina, Apr. 17, 2003

  92. "I am a 24 year old female with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Along with some other psychogenic issues, my OCD has completely shut food off from my body. Without my prescription drugs AND marijuana, I have no natural appetite and cannot digest food. I have obtained a medical marijuana permit from the state I live in (Colorado), but cannot grow any plants successfully. I have so many problems trying to find the drug, my permit seems useless. I can still be arrested for buying drugs. I NEED marijuana to sustain myself, not ease pain, yet the federal government would still label me a criminal if I get caught buying marijuana. HELP!!!"
    Carroll, Apr. 14, 2003

  93. "I agree with all the people that marijuana should be legalized. There hasn't been anything proven with smoking marijuana that has been harmful. Smoking a little now and then should be a must. And besides it helps people in pain. So until the government can prove something negative about marijuana I think it should all be legal!"
    Rebecca, Apr. 10, 2003

  94. "I have had glaucoma for 19 years and never had a problem until I stopped smoking marijuana. I was put on betopic then timoptic (glaucoma medicine that is possibly dangerous) then laser surgery twice. All very expensive treatments not to mention the discomfort. I started using marijuana again and my doctor told me my eye pressures were down (under 20) and I did not need to use the doctor prescribed medicine for now. No one can tell me I am doing anything wrong since I can still see and no one is affected by my using marijuana."
    James, Mar. 21, 2003

  95. "I have glaucoma and am on the PEG infron treatments for Hep C. I smoke marijuana and it helps with my eye pressure, general attitude, and nausea."
    Michael, Feb. 25, 2003

  96. "I am a person living with AIDS and currently residing in San Francisco. Medical marijuana turned around my depressions and persistent nausea and lack of appetite. It has returned me, along with the AIDS medications, to a functioning human being who can enjoy my life and my friends again. Please continue in your work. My physician and I have not found anything that helps as much for the effects of the drugs I take."
    Harry, Feb. 2, 2003

  97. "I'm wondering how the U.S. Government justifies providing marijuana to seven patients under federal guidelines and at the same time arrests anyone else for obtaining the same substance for the same uses within a state sponsored program. But more to the point - why hasn't the legality of this obvious incongruity been challenged in a court of law?"
    Michael A. Greene, Jan. 22, 2003

  98. "I had a car wreck in 1995 and was knocked into a coma, suffered traumatic brain injury and became epileptic. I have tried many other epileptic medications and I am taking two now: phenytoin and lamictal. They help, yes, but I always ended up having another seizure and I have found that ever since I began smoking marijuana, it honestly helps with my grand mal and petit mal seizures. When I do not have it, they begin again by themselves and it is impossible to stop them with anything else at the time with the same effect that marijuana can give. I promise you it is really the one thing in my life now that I am extremely thankful for because it has helped me to return to a more of a normal life."
    Mindy, Aug. 29, 2002

  99. "Medical pot should be prescribed, but not controlled by the govt, due to their lack of responsibility to the patients and the strength of the marijuana. I personally know a lot of people who use pot as their regular medicine because of no harming side affects, immediate relief of pain and nausea caused by pain. We as citizens should be allowed to grow and cultivate our own medicine so the street sales and bad situations with non medical persons can still be targeted as criminals while letting law abiding citizens have their medicine when they need it and not be looked upon as a criminal with criminal intent."
    Brian, May 30, 2002

  100. "I'm a specialist in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, particularly interested in Pain Therapy and in Phytotherapy. Because of my interest in these fields, I discovered cannabis. At the beginning the interest was only "academic", but the medical literature was convincing for me. Then I discovered a lot of patients whose sufferings were relieved only by this plant. I'm a member of "Associazione Cannabis Terapeutica," a group of physicians, patients and lawyers fighting for introducing cannabinoids in therapy."
    Francesco Crestani, May 21, 2002

  101. "If the actual smoke is the issue, it is my understanding (I am NOT an expert) that vaporizing the smoke in a water pipe neutralizes the risk, or at least lowers it. If this is true, then informing patients will reduce risk, and legalization in conjunction with education would benefit everyone, since prescription could be replaced with advice. Besides, don't we all really want to be treated like adults by our own government?"
    Frank, May 18, 2002
  1. "I do not think medical marijuana should be allowed, as when these people go back to their multi-house apartment buildings they are exposing us to this mind-altering, cancer-causing drug...

    My pain medicines do not infiltrate their living spaces, so theirs should not infiltrate my living space. Until this issue gets resolved it should not be allowed... When you can put it in a form that just goes into their bodies and not into the environment only then should it be allowed.
    Barbara, Aug. 16, 2010

  2. "I  think you are horrifying! In fact, the medical research does not support that marijuana can offer any benefit to cancer patients, AIDS patients or other patients, as opposed to the harm done to them through smoking, tincture, or drinking marijuana teas...

    Really, I think that people who are users have such a distorted reality from their addictions, that they continue to manipulate others to try to obtain their drug of numbing choice. I am sorry that people do have problems with cancer, but there are other drugs to take for pain and appetite...

    So in order to protect the children of tomorrow, and prevent continued car accidents and gun shootings from inappropriate use of marijuana and other drugs, can we please not allow marijuana to be 'legal'??
    EM, Aug. 9, 2010

  3. "'Loss of Contrast' is a very important defect in exactly how we, as humans, mislead our lives. Imagine if every day the sun was bright, the sky had no clouds, the temperature 72 degrees, no breeze, that would make you happy, correct? But it is every day, never changes. How long will that continue to make you happy? Eventually you will fall into 'loss of contrast'... In some patients, as in those with end stage cancer, a drug or medication that makes them 'happy' can be indicated. Yet, in patients with unknown chronic pain, nausea, muscle spasm, etc. that medication is not indicated... Legalization of marijuana is extremely dangerous. Without the ability to have 'contrast' in our lives, we will gradually slip into 'nowhere.' Imagine an entire country taking marijuana every day to stay 'happy.' Where do you think that country shall go?"
    Thomas, Jan. 21, 2010

  4. "I was a teacher, mother and drug counselor for many years and people have opened up a 'Pandora's Box' we will regret forever [by legalizing medical marijuana in Michigan].

    I have had 2 hips replaced, a badly broken arm and have enough pain everyday that I would qualify for a prescription... Not one addict I treated said they did not start with marijuana before they went to cocaine and heroin. There is not a pill that hasn't been produced to relieve pain."
    Nancy, Sep. 25, 2009

  5. "The active ingredient in Marijuana (THC) causes the body to feel more pain over time, which is widely misunderstood. The fallacy that marijuana is a pain reducer is spread rapidly throughout high schools all over the world to children believing they can escape the pain of everyday life."
    Connor, Sep. 22, 2009

  6. "No, Marijuana should not be dispensed for medicinal purposes because it doesn't have any!"
    Rand, Apr. 10, 2009

  7. "Pot is about as medical as prohibition stomach bitters was. Federally, pot is still a crime. I just wish they would enforce it. It does nothing but destroy brain cells and is just a 'foot in the door' for legality and the use of harder, mind altering chemicals. I witnessed too many marriages and lives ruined by THC. What more would an attacking military force want than to have a bunch of jobless pot heads to overcome? Pot doesn't stop there, it is also smoked, consumed with alcohol and alters the brain cells' train of thought. Pain treatment my ass! I find it hard to believe that about as many doctors believe this as scientists that have been Gored into global warming: thousands!"
    Daryl, Feb. 13, 2009

  8. "I think that it is ridiculous to use marijuana. Everything has something that can go right but that doesn't mean we should use it. The consequences are way too serious."
    Anonymous, Oct. 29, 2007

  9. "It is a poison and not approved for anyone. [There are] enough people around that used it [for] years and [it is] now showing up in their lives and taxpayers [are] supporting the cost of treatment. ITS ILLEGAL and keep it that way in any amount. NO good for anyone."
    G. Stuart, June 13, 2007

  10. "I know a few people, very close to me, that have recently become marijuana medicine users [...] These friends are barely 20 to 25 years of age [...] I'm 40 yrs young. Sure I like to get high GET HIPPIE! Grub on munchies, relax, laugh till it hurts, party with family and friends. BUT GET STRAIGHT STUCK on STUPID? NO!!!! These people I'm talking of smoke all day, every day. They all have learning disabilities getting worse every day [...]

    That's Their MEDICINE, MY ASS!! [...] Consider the drug addiction in the world today. Has poverty not been a result of self medicating? Has it Interfered with employment? YES!!!! HOMELESSNESS!!! Family care provision? and my GOD the clientele that i know already lack responsibility. Hey I'm an old school stoner from back in the day, I'm not addicted to pot, I have other problems Ii deal with, and NO, I don't want the government to legalize it. I'm just concerned About the next generation. Not a hypocrite."
    Chrissy, Mar. 5, 2007

  11. "I have always wondered how scientists or doctors could prove that marijuana helps with pain. Having been a child of the 60's and a young adult in the 70's I have to admit I have tried and smoked it (back then only). One time I had such a bad sunburn that I asked a neighbor that I knew had some marijuana if I could have a little hoping it would alleviate the pain, but it did not. I seriously can't see how it could help nausea either. From my past experience I found marijuana to heighten what ever I was feeling. If I was happy I was really happy. If I was sad I was really sad. [...] I really do believe that most people wanting if for medical reasons are just pot heads who want to have it legally. I think every employer should check all employees for any substance abuse. Help them get over it or they get fired."
    Faye, Feb. 23, 2007

  12. "I've been smoking since 1965, love it but medical smoke is s joke, just a legal way of selling dope."
    Ray, Aug. 24, 2006

  13. "I think marijuana does not need to be legalized because of all the people who take advantage of the drug now. If you made it legal then people would be going crazy constantly everywhere in the world. Too much of this drug could kill someone easily."
    Loretta, Feb. 16, 2006

  14. "I think I'm against medical marijuana because there are still ways to cure a person without using marijuana.... it is more dangerous to us, to our body, and many people will try also to abuse it, like teenagers and even adults."
    Dexter, Dec. 21, 2005

  15. "I think medical marijuana is stupid. There is a lot of other medications out there that a doctor can prescribe to their patients that won't kill off their brain cells.... To me people are running to their doctors making up excuses about their health just to get on medical marijuana."
    Thomas, Dec. 16, 2005

  16. "In the one hand we have a group of county and state supervisors that have been duped into believing that legal medicine is like their jobs, up to the voters.

    And on the other hand we have several thousand drug dealers that have never followed any laws or regulations in their lives. These drug dealers will be happy with any lie we accept to allow them to continue to put uncountable sums of money in their pockets. By the way, today, half or more of the money these growers are pocketing is children's lunch money.

    You should see what's really happening on the front lines of medical marijuana. These guys go from wearing camouflage in their pot fields and giggling out the new laws to wearing suits to fool the people into thinking that they really care.Medical marijuana is a lie that is now destroying thousands of school systems and educations across our country."
    Marc, May 7, 2005

  17. "I don't think marijuana should be used as a medical prescription for cancer patients because all the doctors are causing is the patient to die even quicker. I know right now that marijuana is known not to cause cancer but, the doctors need to have it researched even more because as they do say it is not a known fact that marijuana is a better source of medication for the cancer patients, but what is a known fact is that marijuana causes more of a painful chronic cough and more severe pains than cigarrettes alone do. So all once everybody sits down and thinks about it for a long while they will realize the same thing so I don't think marijuana is a wise choice for any medical patient."
    Kim, Mar. 3, 2004

  18. "I have used marijuana pre/post my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I do suffer from MINOR spasticity in my back and legs, along with MODERATE pain in those areas. I did try self administration of marijuana for relief of these symptoms and did not notice any relief, in fact marijuana made many of my MS symptoms, particularly those of the sensory type, feel much worse."
    Paul, Oct. 14, 2003

  19. "I appreciate this venue to voice my opinion on medical marijuana and the effects it has had on adolescent users.

    I am in the midwest working with adolescents who have had significant problems at home, school, and with the legal authorities because of their pot use.I consistently find two schools of thought from my teens. First those in my group who are still using or have recently quite their use, consider the topic of medical marijuana as fuel to feed their fires. It is a quick jump for many of these kids from medical marijuana (controlled) to it is just a matter of time before they can walk down the street smoking weed. The other apparent attitude is that the thrill will be gone if marijuana is legalized (in any form). Many of my teens claim to use because it is illegal and thus a thrill. I think it would be irresponsible to think that those with this attitude would be positively affected by medical use becoming wide spread and acceptable. However, those with this mindset about medical marijuana use will jump at any excuse to use and justify their use. Finally, the teens appear to lose all enthusiasm for medical marijuana use when the drug come in the form of a pill or other non smokable form.Thank you once again for this forum and would appreciate a reply at some time in the future."
    Rob, Aug. 25, 2003

  20. "The legalization of Marihuana will have a negative impact in our youth, and all across society. Marihuana's "less desirable" effects will be enhanced, magnified and suffered by "ALL" society spectrum, while now does the same only within the pot user community. When the "positive" of pot use weights against the "negative", my opinion is the last one is heavier. We SHOULD NOT legalize the use of Marihuana for any reason, nor the use of any illegal drugs."
    George, Nov. 23, 2002

  21. "Cannabis is the most dangerous drug because everyone thinks it isn't."
    Richard, July 29, 2002

NOT CLEARLY PRO OR CON Medical Marijuana
  1. "I find it odd that a relatively harmless substance like marijuana is more strictly regulated than something like rat poison or aspirin; substances used in more murders and suicides than marijuana.

    It is my opinion: Prohibiting the substance is about as useless as lips on a chicken. It is not the use of the substance, it is more the abuse (which is in itself questionable). I think it is of more concern how individuals conduct themselves in public and the harm they cause. For this reason it is most important to punish criminal activity, regardless of what substance-influence a person might indulge.

    Congress has illegally and unconstitutionally taken it upon themselves to legislate over and upon the people in all areas of life they think appropriate -- regardless of the wishes of the people they are supposed to represent."
    Daniel, Oct. 30, 2009

  2. "Marijuana is like any other plant, neither bad nor good. It is just a plant. It is its use, or misuse that is bad or good. From what I have read so far it appears that the government and the law enforcement agencies are placing a 'value' on it on a solely political basis. The only way that it could be proven as a medically beneficial substance is by honest long term extensive study using larger populations as a base for the studies. This then would allow for any statistical error. Judgment should not be fully passed until that point. Also what matter does it make that someone who is terminally ill uses it, even if it were only a placebo effect, as long as it gives comfort, eases pain and improves their well being. I personally believe that a medication that has been in use for about 5,000 years should not be banned purely for political reasons. Life is short and painful enough for those with debilitating illnesses without government harassment because marijuana gives them freedom from pain, nausea, or other unpleasant symptoms."
    Abigail, Apr. 24, 2004